Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sweet Baby Rays

Sweet Baby Rays is well known around Chicago for their BBQ Sauce. They've become a Chicago tradition in recent years, and most everyone knows them for their sauces that you can buy in the grocer store. They have several restaurant locations around the suburbs of Chicago. They have a great variety of meals, side dishes and appetizers for gluten free dining.

 Every so often we find ourselves in the Schaumburg area and not sure what we want. Sweet Baby rays is a good variation from the normal routine of food. Weekends at lunch time it's not too busy so you can really take the time to chat with the server and feel good that your meal will be taken care of. They also offer a couple gluten free beers, so you can feel like an adult while dining!
Sweet Baby Rays
Blue cheese wedge salad with BBQ Grill shrimp on top!
I know this isn't a BBQ looking meal! - But check out this one! I love that they have a variety of options from salads, to ribs, and more.

Anything that would be served on a bun comes bunless - But in my world that means you have more room for sides. They get a ranking in the 4 dragonfly category. Their meats and sauces are Gluten free, so as long as you error on the safe side ordering you shouldn't have any CC issues. 

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