Friday, July 14, 2017

rQ Barbecue

Another win for Find Me Gluten Free. We found rQ Barbecue while in Joliet for a NASCAR event. rQ is technically in Shorewood, but that's right next to Joliet. We weren't sure at first, though it had several stand out reviews. We got there a bit later, and kept our fingers crossed they would be open.

Lucky for us they are open to 10pm, every day, so showing up at 9:25 was perfectly OK. I was staring at the menu board and saw the words Gluten Free and got excited. The girl taking the orders was excited to tell me all about how they use Turano bread and wraps. So I had to try it out. All their sauces are gluten free, and their meats. Several side dish options including the cheesy corn. So I was set. I got a buffalo Chicken Wrap.

They were great and warmed the wrap in foil so that it didn't get contaminated on the grill. They also gave me the options of toppings and additional sauces to add that were GF. Over all the food was good and it was great it was a quick stop place that did gluten free and it wasn't that expensive either. I give them 4 dragonflies for their selection, options and staff knowledge on gluten free.

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