Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real Urban Barbecue

BBQ in the burbs - Real Urban BBQ's first location was in Highland Park. They are on the backside of the square in town. It's an ice area to walk around in the summer, they have several art festivals and craft fairs. In the winter they decorate the area really nice and there are some fun shops to roam thru. More recently Real Urban BBQ opened up in Lincolnshire along with collection of other dining places that really need a bigger parking lot, because it's always jam packed. We've also discovered you need to get to Real Urban early, or they run out of all the good stuff! 

What I love is how clearly marked their menu board is above the registers. The layout for the restaurants is a walk up, order your food, they pass your tray down the assembly line and you pick out what you want. All meat dishes come with 2 sides. The sides are all clearly marked, GF. You can also see everything be handled before it hits your plate. They offer dine in, carry out and family style catering for parties.

Some Really good BBQ, and it's nothing fancy, so you don't have to worry about making a mess. The decor is homey and fun with pig statues, flags, salt shakers, it's almost like your out in the country while you're eating, and then step back out into the urban landscape when done. 

They have several sauces that are available at the tables. They all have squeeze tops so you shouldn't have to worry about knife double dippers. They also have their own brewed ice teas which are delicious and great if you don't want pop for your drink. They serve beer and wine, no GF beers, but there is wine.

I give them 4 dragonflies, their food is tasty, the service is great, and there are several side dish options so you don't feel cheated while watching everyone eat their amazing food.

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