Friday, February 21, 2014

The Berghoff Rocks Gluten Free

Chicago has some fabulous dining out options if you have to eat gluten free. I feel very lucky this is where I live. Now we've had bad experiences, at some places, but with anything, it's inevitable. You have to be willing to get out there and try and see what's out there. That's my motto, I'm living my life, Celiac is not stopping me from having fun and being social! My brother and his girlfriend were having a "weekend away from life" in the city, taking pictures, going to museums, all those things that people come to Chicago in the summer to do! My boyfriend and I were doing similar since we finally had a weekend not packed with activities in the suburbs. Luck would have it, we got a nice dusting of 4 inches of snow, so the city had an extra pretty white layer on everything.

We spent the day at the Shedd Aquarium while my brother and his girlfriend were at The Field Museum, we met up and did dinner at The Berghoff on Adams off State St. The Berghoff has a long rich history in Chicago and is one of the iconic places to eat. I recommend having a reservation or getting there early, it gets busy! It's close enough to the Chicago Theater you could stop there for dinner before or after a show. Just note they stop seating promptly at 8:45 pm. The great part is Berghoff is certified by the NFCA for gluten free dinning. One of their children were diagnosed with Celiac disease, which prompted the family to learn how to eat gluten free in their home, but also caused them to train staff how to prepare and serve gluten free food.  

Their menu has a lot of options, and a lot of options that aren't typical. I had to try the potato soup! The server right away knew what I was talking about when I said I had to eat gluten free, plus we were there during Restaurant Week and their Prix menu even had gluten free items noted! It was great getting a small sample of a bunch of items to really see what they offered. I was so delighted with the meal! I really enjoyed my meal, and am looking forward to going back because there were a variety of items to choose from which was awesome. 

I give them an extra level of trust, because it is something near and dear to the family, and they wouldn't serve a meal that would harm their daughter. The ambiance is fancy and classic, I really felt like I was dinning in a high end fancy restaurant. I normally reserve 5 dragonflies for dedicated restaurants, but the expansive menu and well trained staff gives me extra confidence on this one! I say it's a Chicago must try! 

Also they wrote a cookbook with a lot of good info for newbie's to the gluten free diet as well as some great easy to make items. An extra feature of dining here, you can pick up the cookbook on your way out the door.  

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