Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten free cookies can be hit or miss on flavor, texture, consistency and over all taste. I personally always keep some on hand for when I have a craving for something sweet. I'll add in any new additions as I find and try them. Most of these below I've tried, or will be trying shortly.$$

Amy's Kitchen Gluten Free Shortbread cookies - These have to be my absolute favorite cookies. There are 3 flavors of the shortbread cookies, I Love all of them! they are a small box, so I tend not to share much with these, but they have a nice buttery almond taste, I never turn down a chance to get these. The cookies are normal size, so you don't feel like you have mini cookies with these.

Eat Right for gluten free- (Added 9/21) - Recently shopping in my local Dominick's I spotted this new brand. They were located on an end cap, with cookies, mac and cheese, pasta, quinoa, and granola bars. I got a box of the shortbread cookies. They are a bit dry, I would say they are more like butter cookies than shortbread cookies. They definitely aren't as good as Amy's shortbread. The label stating "enlarged to show details" made me worry these were pint size, but really they are about the size as the picture on the box.


Enjoy Life Foods - All products by Enjoy Life are made free of the top 8 allergens. The crunchy cookies are a bit dry, and crumbly. There are crunchy cookies out there that have a better texture. I have not tried the soft ones yet, but they are on my list. I do enjoy getting the sample cookies from Enjoy Life when they are at an event, because they come in nice individual cookie packs.

Full Circle (Added 5/24) - While on an excursion to a different Mariano's location in our area; that I had heard was gluten free heaven, I found some new cookies to try out! I had seen this brand before, but in North Eastern Michigan, on vacation, I thought it was a generic brand for that store, I found out, you can find this brand across the country! They had a couple gluten free cookie options, I got the coconut cookies. They are on the drier side, and crumble when you eat them. But dunked in Coffee or milk I think they would be fabulous. I was eating them on our flight, and I couldn't put the container away.  

Glutino's - Glutino's has recently gone through some product packaging changes, making them more modern looking. I've had their wafer cookies, and chocolate sandwich cookies. The wafer cookies have a strong flavor to them, and are rather heavy, I expected them to be much lighter. They are good for a change in cookies. I am a huge fan of their yogurt covered pretzels and cinnamon bagel chips, but we're not here to talk about those.

Jo-Sef's Gluten Free - They have Animal Cookies, sandwich cookies,and square cookies. Cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate are a part of the regular flavor selection.

Jovial - Over all these did not fall into my favorites category. I found them dry and lacking flavor. The plus side for them, they came wrapped with two cookies per pack inside the box, so they are good to keep in your purse for a quick pick-me-up snack. I wish they had a vanilla cookie with the cream, it might have helped with some of the flavor, but the texture was hard for me to get over.

Kinnikinnick Foods - These are some of the more commonly located cookies, they are marketed at kids, but I figure we're all kids at heart when it comes to having cookies. Their animal crackers/ K-Kritters, are nice bite size snacks, and so good, and come in 3 flavors! I love having choices when shopping. No gluten free after taste for these either. The K-too's are only slightly smaller than a certain chocolate cream filled sandwich cookie, and very comparable in taste. Probably the only "cookie" I don't care for from them are the S'moreables. I find them greasy, and chalky tasting, they are meant to be like graham crackers, but they don't fit the bill in my opinion.  

Lucy's - These are my second favorite cookies, They are tasty, crunchy, flavorful. They are normal size cookies, in a small box, so again, I can eat the whole box in one sitting if I don't control myself! The cinnamon thins are my cookie of choice, when I get these. I do look forward to getting a box in my Easter basket (yes, we still do adult Easter baskets in my family). They now make their cookies in snack packs, great for traveling or keeping in your purse. I love treats I can keep in my purse.

Mi-Del - These are much harder to find in my area. You do have to be careful when looking for these, since Mi-Del also makes non-gluten free cookies in their all natural line.

Pamela's - In my area these seem to be the most commonly found gluten free cookies. I am a fan of everything Pamela's does. Their mixes have fooled my brothers co-workers more than once, and their cookies are generally very moist. These are labeled Mini - so the tiny size isn't as much of a shock when you open the bag. These fall in line with the large cookie brand that ends in Ahoy! they have a very similar taste.

Schars - Schars offers a variety of cookies including ladyfingers (tiramisu anyone???), chocolate O's shortbread, chocolate dipped cookies, chocolate chip, and vanilla sandwich cremes. Lately I've been enjoying the shortbread, which I was thinking would be great for a cheesecake crust too. If there are some left in the bag I have currently maybe this weekend I'll attempt the cheesecake!! First sample of them I did think they were a bit dry. I felt they could have done better sandwich cookies, but the chocolate O's which are similar to a certain cookie you twist open for the cream center, and dunk in milk, we pretty good, but tiny in comparison for size!

Trader Joe's - I love Trader Joe's for quick prep meals and simple fresh produce. I tend to shop there at least once a week. I found their chocolate chip cookies once on accident, and decided to check them out. They are rather in-expensive, and pretty large in size. There are 2 sealed packets in each bag that keep the cookies fresh. They are super tasty, and I've had people tell me that they don't have a gluten free after taste. I have noticed slight after taste, and they are a bit greasy, but a great cookie over all. 
 (Added 7/11) Joe-Joe's - Essentially they are a certain chocolate sandwich cookie with a cream filling.... Yes, yes they are! In a blind taste test I would bet they would win! We had a box of them at our 4th of July parade, and I noticed the whole group was eating them. Everyone loved them. I think they rate better than all the other chocolate sandwich cookies, Kinniki-toos, schar's, Glutinos. The best part is reading their quirky "how to eat instructions on the side of the box. It shows that marketers know how to have fun while promoting a great product!
Udi's - I had seen these in the frozen section before, and finally a friend brought them to a party. I was excited they were soft cookies, (I loved the soft batch cookies growing up) but the taste definately had something to desire. I wasn't not overly impressed, considering Udi's has some other great products out on the market. 
(Added 9/21) New soft batch cookies in the regular cookie aisle. They have some out there cookie flavors, but they are soft, larger in size and tasty. The Salted Caramel Cashew were a bit sweet, but even the non-gf people liked them a lot!


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