Friday, December 19, 2014

Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

This was a great idea in my head. Then remembered that I have 1 pan available currently.... So we had to go dig in the garage for another pot, and improvised. Truth be told, my dad always made scrambled eggs with ham and green peppers. So I did have to pull out the tablet and dial in the Food Network and find out how to make scrambled eggs. It was pretty easy. 

I decided to do 5 eggs between the two of us. I added a couple dashes of milk to the bowl and mixed up the eggs until they were well combined. I would have added some salt, but we didn't have any. poured that into the big pan and stirred every couple minutes. A spatula would work great, don't have one of those yet either... So I used a serving spoon, (That I have!) As the eggs started to form I threw some chunks of cheddar cheese in, since we do love our cheesy meals. While all of this was going in I attempted to separate the bacon that I pulled out of the freezer, (next time I'll try to remember to thaw the bacon) and put that in a small pot to start frying. Sadly we have 1 total frying pan at this point. I hate to buy a lot of anything before the holidays; since our parents know what we do and don't have they keep trying to buy us what we don't have for holiday gifts. But the holidays seem so far away right now as we keep realizing we need to improvise things still! We are learning to be resourceful.

So here is my ingredient breakout - 

5 large eggs
1 dash of milk
1 dash of salt
3 slices of cheese

mix all ingredients minus cheese in a bowl and pour into a hot frying pan. Stir every couple minutes, and add the cheese right before the eggs reach the consistency you like best. 

Once consistency is reached scoop onto your plate. Remember the pan is hot, so the eggs will keep cooking even after you remove the heat. 

Bacon - Find a bacon that works for you. Oscar Mayer is my go to - 

Throw the bacon into a pan, if you have one, I used a small pot, and it worked fine. Turn the bacon over regularly to keep each side cooking evenly and cook until desired crispiness is reached, about 8-10 minutes. Viola - Simple easy breakfast in under 15 minutes!! 

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