Friday, February 14, 2014

Food Review - Frozen Gluten Free Penne Alfredo, Covered Pretzels & More.

On a recent trip around town I found some new products to try, so let's get down to the good the bad and the, well nothing was ugly. 

Gratify - Found yogurt covered pretzels at Meijer this past weekend! I was in the mood for something sweet so I had to grab a bag. These get two thumbs up in my book! The pretzels don't leave an after taste, and the yogurt isn't too much. These would easily compete with Flipz for taste and texture and no one would guess these are gluten free! Plus they didn't break the bank!

Glutino's - This one looked like it has such promise. I love their pretzels and the bagel chips, but this was wow, underwhelming to say the least. It cooked well, and there was a lot of sauce. But the sauce had no taste, and actually kept coming up on me after lunch, and left me constipated. I could distinctly taste the brown rice pasta... Not a favorite, not a repeat buy. Total disappointment.

Back in December when we got our first snow, of the season I was out shopping with mom... Whoa stop the presses, despite having snow every winter, the first time everyone forgets how to drive, and it's chaos! Being so close to the holiday's unfortunately sometimes you have to run out and do some shopping, even if it's the end of the world because it's snowing. So on the way back we stopped at Whole Foods to get dinner. We get pizza on those days normally, this time I wanted to venture beyond that, so we went with fish sticks and broccoli bites! This is a total favorite meal with the family!
Dr. Praeger's does great fish and sides for quick meals to toss in the oven. Actually the broccoli bites can be microwaved too! So what we didn't finish for dinner was lunch the next day! The box does state their products are made in a shared warehouse environment. With that be careful they do have GF and Non-GF options. GF options are pretty clearly labeled on the front of the boxes. These are 2 of my favorites, the sweet potato cakes are my other favorite.

Simply 7 Pomegranate chips - They sounded interesting, and different. Well they satisfied those requirements. I don't think I'll be picking these up again any time soon, but at least I was willing to try something different. They have a nice crisp to them, but flavor is just completely lacking. I was hoping for a nice white cheddar kick. If the bag didn't say they were white cheddar I would have never guessed they were flavored. 

Evol - They make some pretty solid products! Their Gluten free burrito's are hit or miss, but I like their bowls. They have 6 flavors that are gluten free, as well as now they have qusadilla's too, with more items to come! But do keep in mind to always read all the labels they carry both GF and non-gf options. Of the ones I've tried, all are winners for me. As an extra perk check out their UPC codes, collect enough and you get a free T-shirt. Their Chicken Enchilada Bake is my favorite one. Don't mind the photo looks a little gross. Totally a repeat buy.

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