Monday, February 29, 2016

Granite City Brewery

Granite City Brewery, The first time I ate at their restaurant was before I was gluten free on a trip to Kansas. I remembered their food was pretty spot on. My brother wanted to go there for his birthday so we went to check out their new location in Schaumburg. 

I was happy to see such a large variety of items on the menu marked as gluten free, including a couple appetizers! They have everything from burgers, to seafood, to steaks. So there is definately a lot to choose from. 

They offer gluten free buns for the burgers which was pretty awesome. I enjoyed me meal a lot. I had a burger with BBQ pulled pork on top, with cheddar cheese with a side of stirfry veggies. The only issue we had was how lost and confused everyone was. The waiter told us it had been slow (It was a weekday) so they sent staff home early, and now the dinner rush was providing more than they could handle.... I have gone back a couple times, the service doesn't really ever get to an excellent level. It's always slow and kind of lacking. But the food is good so that makes up for it.

I would give them 4 dragonflies for their selection and options on the menu. As for service, well it's not the worst service, it's just not quick by any means.