Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NGB - Gluten Free Beer from Trader Joe's

What - Trader Joe's joined in the gluten free beer arena, hooray!!

I love my craft beers, I have for a long time now. So having more options and choices on the market makes me happy. Everyone says "Have cider instead.". Personally you have to like cider to have cider be an option. People seem to think the moment you say you're gluten free, you'll eat or drink anything gluten free. If I didn't like it before I was gluten free, I can pretty much say I'm not flocking to have it now! I'll have a cider occasionally, but it's not my go to, it's my back up plan.

We had to go check out to see if I could get some of Trader Joe's new Sorghum based beer this past weekend. I was happy to see, it was easy to find!

The bottles are really cool and textured. I'm guessing that pink flower design to the left side of the box is a spring of sorghum? I'm not really sure, but it looks cool, and is on the bottles as well. It's pretty tasty, light, not too pungent in taste, and really light in color.


It's not a beer I could drink the whole 6 pack in 1 sitting, but it's one that pairs nicely with a light meal and to kick back and drink after work.


  1. I must disagree, this stuff is terrible. Trader Joe's said for years that they didn't stock GF beer because they couldn't find one good enough. This tastes like bland fizzy medicine. Do yourselves a favor, GF peeps--try Estrella Daura Damm. It tastes like beer (heaven)!

    1. Do keep in mind Estrella is a gluten removed beer, not a Gluten free. So it is a No-Go for those with Celiac disease.

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