Friday, September 6, 2013

Jimmy Johns, Quick and Easy Gluten Free

Jimmy John's a Midwestern favorite for submarine sandwiches started out in Charleston, IL, in 1983. Their headquarters are now located in Campaign, IL. They were really popular around the college campus scene when I was in college in the early 2000's. All the small college towns in IL had a Jimmy John's. I was excited when I got back to Chicagoland, that they had expanded up here as well. 

Now in my GF life they can be a total quick life saver meal. They do an Unwich which is a sandwich that uses large lettuce leafs to wrap your meat and veggies, instead of bread.  

When Ordering I always ask them to make mine on the same paper when moving it down the line, and ask the sandwich maker to change their gloves before working on mine. They always oblige and understand it's for a gluten intolerance. One thing to note is when asked their corporate headquarters say to avoid the Beef and Cheese when ordering gluten free. That's no problem for me, I always get one of their turkey unwiches, No Mayo (same mayo use on the bread), extra veggies for extra filling. Their chips are also gluten free, so you can grab a bag to help fill you up if the unwich isn't enough for your meal. I have learned you can get mayo packets on the side, so if you miss mayo when you're ordering out, you're set! Ladies can even keep one in their purse for emergency condiment additions when out and about, seriously I keep San J Tamari packets in my purse. 
I love their random humor on the walls.
With JJ's being so common in Chicagoland these days we didn't even think that they weren't a completely national chain. While in Los Angles last year we were trying to find a quick meal, other than Chipotle (my bestie isn't a Chipotle fan) we opted to find a JJ's.... Not so much.... She had to deal with Chipotle. :) 

JJ's is on my safe to visit list that we use when going to Ravinia for a concert, packing a lunch for a bike ride, or a quick meal before heading to a party. Their slogan "subs so fast you'll freak" - They make them fast, and their quick to eat. They get 3 dragonflies, from me, There is a cross contamination risk when making things quickly you have to make sure they are aware to take extra care with your sandwich. Also I don't understand how their cheese contains gluten... But that's a topic for another day.

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