Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trader Joe's New Gluten Free Bread!

Trader Joe's - One of my favorite places to go grocery shopping. Though they don't carry everything I like, they sure have a knack of making me pretty happy with quick meals. I can't turn down their tamale's or chocolate covered bananas. But now they even have gluten free Bread, Bagels and Muffins! All of them under the Trader Joe's Name!! Upon confirming with the people at Trader Joe's these are made in a facility with no gluten. Though Eggs and sesame are present in the factory - Celiac win!!


When I heard this I had to go and see. I've had a variety of the other GF options they offer and like any GF products some are hits, some are misses, but I can do some major shopping damage still. I was surprised they had quite the variety of new GF options. 3 types of bread, including a rye-less, rye bread. I have such memories of eating chili and rye bread growing up. 

They had bagels, and right there easy to see they even had blueberry muffins!  All were in the fresh bread section and all were soft, light and fluffy. No 200lb loaf of bread, and it was squishy too. I honestly looked like I hadn't eaten in days, granted I was a bit hungry but I loaded the cart with bagels, bread, and the muffins, despite just buying a loaf of Udi's 2 days ago for my lunches this week, and buying a box of cereal for breakfast at the previous store.... 3 gluten free items were in the cart.

The All But Gluten Snack cakes came home last week... :)
The bread, is bread. That's really all I can say, it's OK. It's not the greatest thing since gluten free sliced bread, but it's bread. It's not horrible, it has a good consistency and it' fluffier than GoodBye Gluten Bread

The cashier was excitedly asking me if I was gluten free by choice or such, and that she "absolutely LOVED the bread" and that her best friend has CD so she tried it for her. Her enthusiasm was delightful. Now I will say these bagels R-O-C-K-E-D!!! They were soft and toasted nicely and were fabulous with cream cheese. The bagels are a buy again product!!

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