Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lula Cafe Logan Square

Lula Cafe came highly recommended by a friend so one Saturday when we found ourselves right by Logan Square we stopped in. First off it's one busy place. So make sure you get there early, or call ahead to reserve a spot. 

I'd read that though they didn't have a specific gluten free menu, many items could be made gluten free. I had originally chosen the Pozole and asked our waiter to be certain it was gluten free. He said it was, but he thought I should get the sweet potato latke, and that they use a gluten free flour blend on the grill so it'd be ok for me. I was sold, I love sweet potatoes! 

When my meal arrived I have to say latke was a better description then shredded pan fried sweet potatoes topped with a bunch of tasty stuff. That was my explanation. It was so flavorful I was shocked. I couldn't pick out just one thing that stood out, everything blended together so well. I was wowed.

The restaurant had such a Chicago charm to it! I would give them a thumbs up for old Chicago charm, shabby sheik would be another term for the bar area. We ended up getting a seat at the pastry counter (Ironic) Next to the bar, so we never went in the dinning room, but the area we were in was too cute. 

Over all I'd give them 3 dragonflies. I'm a nut for wanting a printed menu so I can look it over and think about what I want ranter than having someone point out what i can have and standing over me asking and explaining how it will be served gluten free. But well worth the adventure of coming to this cute area and trying their food. Really they had a stand up menu of unique dishes. 

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