Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Naf Naf Grill Gluten Free Options

Naf Naf = Yum yum in my book! Since I have this new found love for Mediterranean food I thought it was worth a try since 2 of my co-workers couldn't stop Raving about the food... So after reading up on them, checking reviews and prepping myself for how it would be, I asked another co-worker to go with me, so if it turned out they were morons there was less chance I'd cry when my order was wrong. 

Very similar to all the other fast food Mediterranean restaurants in the area or even Chipotle, you can watch them build your meal while you order. You can get your food in a bowl with rice, or on a bed of lettuce. Proteins are chicken, steak or falafel, the only way you can't get your meal served is in a pita. They do not offer gluten free pitas. Even without the pita they give a lot of food. All their toppings and sauces are GF safe. I usually go with the Tahini and Garlic sauces. I asked the other day how the Hot Sauce is, and the guy told me "it's hot"!

If you get your meal served as a plate, it's like building a bowl at Chipotle, but with Mediterranean ingredients. Now my main objection is they don't have feta or olives! I mean come on, that's what makes the meal Amazing! Do make sure to tell them No Pita. Though they do put the pita in it's own bag, and not placed on top of your dish. Every time I ask for no pita, I still end up with one on my tray, though being in it's own wrapping, I just give it to someone else.

I read a disturbing review from someone that telling them she needed her meal served Gluten Free, they charged her $2 for making sure the pita wasn't included. I've never experienced this, and I'm hoping it was an isolated incident, but it does make me worry a little. 

Like with Chipotle when someone orders a pita pocket they do put the hummus spoon into the pita, so there are crumbs. I get around this by ordering a rice bowl and asking for the hummus that's further down the aisle, if I even ask for hummus. I've discovered it's pretty good without it. 

They have fries (potato chips) and falafel too. Both are GF safe since they are the only 2 items that are placed in the fryer. I've discovered I tend to over eat when we go here, plus I inhale my food like I'm going to starve otherwise. But really the staff is nice, and get it when you ask for your food to be prepared extra cautiously. I give them 3 dragonflies, because while you can customize a bowl several different ways, the menu is limited, (I really wish they had more toppings, and potentially pita) and there is a chance of cross contamination due to the pita pockets they make. Over all, worth a try!


  1. Good to know the falafel is safe!

  2. Just a warning, their allergy guide says the chicken has gluten. http://nafnafgrill.com/allergy.html