Friday, October 25, 2013

Stonewall Kitchen Gluten Free

While shopping in Crate and Barrel one day I happened to be looking at their cook books and mixes, and noticed one of the Stonewall Kitchen mixes had a gluten free label on it! Yay - A new mix to try!! It was on sale so that was extra incentive to get a box to try, otherwise the mix is normally $10, and makes 12 cupcakes, with frosting.

Trying to figure out which mix to use to make cupcakes for a party this past summerI grabbed this mix from the cupboard and started to flip through my cupcake books to come up with the recipe I wanted to use. Plain chocolate cupcakes just seemed so boring, since I had just made an amazing strawberry, banana, cherry cake! I decided to do a Black Forest style cupcake and a Turtle style cupcake. I was worried just doing one or the other, I'd exclude someone from having one due to an allergy, or straight up dislike of a flavor (I was right! We had an Anti-cherry friend in the house.)

I made the mix according to the directions, this one called for milk, most the mixes I've tried for gluten free don't contain milk. I filled the cupcake papers a about 1/4th of the way with batter, then half of them I added a layer of pecans, the other half I added some tart cherries, then layered the rest of the batter on top. Keep in mind the recipes I found had a lot more steps for each flavor, but since I was using 1 mix for both, I simplified to adding flavors in the middle.

After they cooled for the Turtle ones I added some caramel sundae topping to the top of the cakes. (I found 1 brand in my grocery store that did not contain barley!!) and then frosted with Coolwhip frosting, and sprinkles from Wilton Cakes.

For the Black Forest I put down a layer of the Coolwhip frosting, then added a layer of melted chocolate Wilton Candy Melts, once they cooled, I added another layer of frosting and a maraschino cherry.

I have the frosting from the box to try on my next baking adventure, but the cupcakes were delicious. Everyone was going for seconds the first chance they had. I was impressed with the mix and the over all taste of the cupcakes. I was initially put out by the cost, but for a great quality mix, it would be worth it to purchase again. Having added in the other ingredients in the middle I was able to stretch it to 18 cupcakes from the 12 the box says it will make.

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