Friday, March 13, 2015


Hom Woodfired Grill, pronounced Home is a new addition to the Bayshore mall area in Milwaukee, WI. Originally designated to be a different banner of their brand, until they opted to depart from their partnership with Ryan Braun, right fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. Hom is a farm to plate grill that brings the heart of Wisconsin to the dinner table. Sourcing meat and produce from the local Hidden Creek Farms in New London from one of the co-owners of SURG the company that owns HOM.

Having been up in Milwaukee quite a bit for work, and traveling up to Silver Springs, we drive past Hom on every trip we finally gave in and decided we needed to check it out. The mall itself is a lifestyle center that is well, more frustrating than lifestyle centers back in Chicago.Whoever designs these malls with no parking, needs to be strung out to dry. We live in a climate that gets cold, We don't want to walk a mile to get to somewhere indoors!!

Walking through the doors it smelled so good. I did a quick peak at the menu and gluten free items were marked right there with an asterisk. so we asked to be seated. Cute atmosphere, very country and home like. It made you feel like you were away on a farm/ranch.

There were a lot of options that were different, I have to say it impressed me. I mentioned to the waitress that I was gluten free for an allergy. She told me that wouldn't be an issue. I didn't want to get too much food, but still enought. The shrimp and grits and shrimp seasar salad were kinda calling my name. So I went for it.

I can't say enough on either dish. Though I will give high marks to a place that knows how to make gravy without using flour!! The sausage mixed in with the shrimp and grits had a kick, and the grits were so good, it was amazing, I felt like I was down south. The Cesar dressing was fresh and didn't have a fishy taste, and the shrimp were fresh. 

Even though they only have 1 dessert item, it is a creme brulee, so I would be content coming here for dinner and having dessert. I give them 4 Dragonflies over all. 

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