Thursday, January 2, 2014

Big Bowl Gluten Free Thai

I love Asian food. I don't know why but it's always been a great comfort food for me, so it's something I really miss not being able to grab it on the go. We opted to grab Thai food at Big Bowl while on our way to Vernon Hills, traffic was horrible, so stopping in Lincolnshire on the way was a good way to get out of traffic.
Their gluten free menu isn't up to date on their website. That menu does not do justice to the menu you can get at the table when dinning. We got the Grilled Chicken Satay, though it would be nice if they came with a dipping sauce. To make them gluten free they remove the peanut Thai sauce.

One thing to keep in mind, check out the regular menu versus the GF menu, if an item has a man with a flame shooting out of his mouth it's SPICY! I had ordered the Bangkok Shrimp and Scallops, my boyfriend opted to get the Panang Curry Chicken so we could split and share dishes. I'm 50/50 on curry dishes, some are tasty, some have a weird taste.

After our appetizers came it seemed like the longest wait to get our food. Our waitress came over and explained that the Panang chicken came out with fried rice instead of plain rice, the manager caught it and sent both dishes back to be remade, so that the one didn't come out cold. Wow - How awesome!

The Panang with the curry made this dish great. I really enjoyed his meal. Mine despite not showing the man with flames in his mouth it should have; OMG the peppers were soooo hot.
I love their food, I really do. We got to dessert, and our waitress insisted we try the Mochi in a moment. We did the you pick 3 combo and had 3 fabulous mochi. She eventually came over ande told us it was on the house for the issue with our food taking so long. It was a nice surprise at the end of our meal.

I feel the need to mention in here too that they are apart of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. They take a lot of care and diligence in their restaurants to offer gluten free where they can. 

I'm going to give them a 4 dragonfly rating over all, there are chances of mistakes, we had one adverted for us, thankfully, so you do have to make sure you are diligent, but they have all the makings of my favorite type of menu, appetizers, entree and dessert options! Plus everything here is tasty.

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