Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Major Goolsby Sports Pub

Major Goolsby's Sports Pub and Grill in Milwaukee is a typical sports pub just East of Marquette University. While in the area for work recently we stopped there for a quick bite to eat on lunch. The decor is traditional college town bar. The food is a bit better. 

If you want a burger or sandwich they have gluten free bread by Udi's that they can toast up and make quite the sandwich for you. 

The gluten free options are listed right on the menu, and the staff seemed fairly knowledgeable on what to modify to make the burgers gluten free. I'd read a review on their wings being gluten free, which really is what I wanted, but the server confirmed they were not actually safe, because of the shared fryers.

Since the fryers are shared that meant the french fries were off limit too, (Darn!) which was sad, but understandable. I got a side of coleslaw to compliment my burger. Over all the food was decent. I would say it was the best burger I'd ever had... But in a pinch, cheeky decor and TV's all over it's a good place to grab a quick meal and drink with some friends after work, with enough things on the menu to keep most people happy.

I give them 3 dragonflies, they had burgers and salads, not too much more beyond that, so it was a bit limiting, but the food wasn't bad and we had a decent meal pretty cheaply. 

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