Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Roti - Gluten Free Mediterranean

I'll admit I've never been an adventurous eater. I would prefer to stick with what I know and like. So when my boyfriend mentioned Mediterranean food the one day I stared at him like he was nuts. I happened to see an email from Rose's Wheat Free Bakery that their pita's (Which are AWESOME) were being sold at Roti, I said OK - let's give this a go!

I know Mediterranean food isn't that off the wall, but from what I'd had in the past, it was. So we have now been to several Roti's as well as a few other places I dream of Falafel, and Pinched, since they also have GF options!! First off I could eat the pita all day long and be happy. I don't know how they do it but there is NO Gluten Free after taste to the pita! 

Secondly their staff is pretty well trained how to handle gluten free. Right away when asking if they had the gluten free pita the server asked if it was preference or allergy. When I said allergy she changed her gloves and got plates from the back. The layout is similar to Chipotle or Subway where your food is made at a counter and you watch it be made. Their website does warn there are chances for cross contamination, since it's not a dedicated facility, but that happens any time you dine out. I really feel safe dining here and really enjoy their food.

I got the steak plate, which is enough food for 2 meals for me. I never leave here hungry! There are 2 sides that are not gluten free, which include the cous cous and one other item. Their rice is super tasty as well as their Tahini sauce.

I give Roti Four Dragonflies. You can see the food before you order, the staff is diligent and their food is so tasty. Plus there are options to change your meal up each time you dine there if you want. You're not limited to 1-2 items and a small selection of sides. I just wish there were more locations around Chicagoland!!

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