Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lindy's Landing Gluten Free in Wauconda

I talked my boyfriend in to checking out The Worlds LargestCorn Maze, up at Richardson Farms, in Spring Grove, IL. I had been there several years back, I think 2007 was the last time I was there, they have so much to do up there, and you can do the corn maze at night! In his witty ways the best comment of the night was "this is fun, thank goodness it's a corn maze and not a wheat maze!"

I talked him into Friday night we’ll drive up there, and check it out, but we’ll want to eat before we go. I decided to check out Find me Gluten Free to see if there was anything up Rand Rd, North of Deer Park worth checking out, or else we’d just eat at Deer Park. (Biaggi’s, Chili’s, Chipotle, Red Robin, we’d have a few choices there.)
I found Lindy’s Landing and read the reviews. The first said they did have a gluten free bun, but it was horrible, don’t try it… the 2nd said they had a new bun, and it was good, try it. What ultimately sold me was the description of their award winning hamburger, the Ham-Dogger. It’s a burger stuffed with all the Chicago hotdog toppings, and topped with hot dog bacon and cheddar cheese. Plus it was available on a gluten free bun!?!! My mind was set; it was time to get adventurous.

Their menu is super cute, it’s a little newspaper with all the items that are gluten free marked with a symbol next to them stating no wheat, as well as all the vegetarian options were marked. They had a great listing of fresh fish and steak dishes, as well as burgers and sandwiches that could be prepared on a gluten free bun. Their gluten free bun has poppy seeds on top. There were some good looking options on the menu, but I had to stick with the Ham-dogger. My curiosity was peaked so I had to bite. My boyfriend got a burger as well, he went with a non-gf bun so we could make sure mine showed up on a different looking bun. (We try and come up with as many tricks or safe guards as we can when ordering out to try and make sure I my meal comes out correct.) Burgers come with a variety of options on the side, Fries, Fruit, pasta salad, Cole slaw, or cottage cheese. I love options, for sides, cottage cheese it was for me!

It was really tasty, and the bun held together Very Well while eating it, it didn’t crumble into a huge mess on my plate, the table, my lap… well you know gluten free buns are not the easiest thing in the world to eat. I notice I tend to pick up the burger, and not put it down out of fear it will crumble all over the place and I’ll be frustrated with my meal. The Ham-dogger itself was tasty, it had all the hot dog topping, and hotdog taste I expected. My only suggestion to them would be to use a sharper cheddar cheese, the hamburger had so much taste itself the cheese was lost in it, and didn’t stand out.
I give them 3 dragonflies, though they have a shared kitchen space, they point it out. Their staff is gluten free aware, and they had a lot of options (pending you like fish) on the menu. But I do worry if it gets super busy how well they handle the gluten free due to the small space.

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