Thursday, March 13, 2014

Moe's Southwest Grill Gluten Free

A friend told me that Moe's Southwest grill was "just like Chipotle, but better." Well when you give me a recommendation like that, I can't help but try them out. Well..... Post taste test; Not as good as Chipotle, at all, but good. We don't have many around our area, but I've seen more of them when we're traveling. Actually when I mentioned it to my boyfriend he told me "Sounds good, what is it?"

Unlike Chipotle they don't have as many gluten free options. The burrito bowl is really it.They give you fresh chips with every meal but nothing said they were fried in a dedicated fryer so I avoided them. I liked the extra ingredients to add in it was a nice way to break up the variety from Chipotle (Olives, pickles mushrooms, and jalapeno's). Moe's have more locations Nationally than they do in Chicago. I've seen them come up a few times looking at places to eat while traveling. 

Chicken Burrito Bowl
My boyfriend got this cute little taco thing wrapped in a flour tortilla - It looked good, he said it tasted good. It was like a crunch wrap supreme from back in the day at Taco Bell. Unfortunately due to the flour burrito shell used it wasn't gluten free, it would be nice to have something like that since it'd be a nice different option. Over all it was ok, they get two dragoflies, nothing to go crazy over, not a huge selection, but it's there for a quick meal when you need something different. But I won't go out of my way to stop there for dinner or lunch. I wish I could get more information on their chips since they had a salsa bar, that would be a nice change as well. Maybe I'm in a food rut, I want some variety here!

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