Monday, December 2, 2013

Fox Tail Beer

A New Gluten Free Beer! Sign me up for taste testing!!! My love affair with beer is brutal when it comes to mentioning I can't have most beers!

My boyfriend fits into my family for our love of beer and tasting new ones. On a recent Saturday morning he happened to be all the way out in Naperville taking care of some family business. He decided to stop at Binny's in Naperville to pick up some beer for the evening. (My recent purchase of "your so awesome" cupcakes may have helped spur this purchase.) I started to get frantic text messages about gluten free beers they had, that he had never heard of before. I was furiously texting back for more details. 

He found a new beer by Green's and Fox Tail Beer from Joseph James Brewery in Nevada. At first the name didn't sound familiar. Then when he sent a picture I got really excited. This was on me, "I am determined to find and try this beer" list.The original reason I wanted to try it was because it comes in cans or bottles. It's the first gluten free beer in a can, which is Great for tailgating and NASCAR events where they don't allow glass bottles inside. I have to hope they carry Mike's hard lemonade, or stick with my mini bottles of Rum.

This ended up being one of several that we tried that night. Pouring it in the glass it's light in texture and color, it's similar in color to a miller light. First taste, it was similar to Lakefront Breweries New Grist - It's made with rice. Rice gives beer a very distinct taste when drinking it. It's sweet, and fruity. It has a very citric taste to it. The light color translates into the flavor on the tongue, nice and light.

One thing I noticed on the 2nd bottle was that if you drink it out of the bottle, it foams up more than usual. So you have to be careful when putting the bottle down, it will waterfall over the top. Pouring it in a glass is a safer bet. I really really liked it. I like light beers so this is on my wishlist to show up at either Binny's by me.

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