Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BurgerFi, Gluten Free Burgers

We noticed a new place in town the other day, as we drove by, BurgerFi. Right away I had to look them up and see who they were, where they were from, how many locations they have and what they offer. As something else caught my eye I paused and forgot to resume my search until the next day when my brother asked if "that new burger place did gluten free"? I stared blankly and went back to my search. It seems they do have a gluten free or "Green Option" as they call it. They promote a fresh from farm to plate environment as well as serving craft beers as a nice local feel. Everything about the restaurant reminded me of being in California.

The option is the same one In-N-Out Burger calls Protein Style. They wrap the burger in lettuce in lieu of a bun. Their "special sauce" tastes a lot like In-N-Out burgers sauce as well. I really liked the taste of their burger! It was a little messy to eat, but like In-N-Out they had a paper wrapper around the burger to help hold it together, especially since lettuce isn't the best material to soak up extra juice and sauce! 

My Only disappointment is they have onion rings. Don't get me wrong I LOVED onion rings in my Pre-Celiac days, but Onion rings when dinning out is a huge contamination issue. I did ask the nice gal who took our order, she said they are fried together. Poop! No fries for me. The worst part was my brother telling me how they were the really good tasting fries, and they were so good. Double poop! I did contact them and told them they should have a separate fryer cause they could be a gluten free dream if they did.

I will give them 3 dragonflies, because I did really like my burger, but really wished I had a side to go with it. Even if it turned out to be potato chips, at least it would be a side.

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