Sunday, December 8, 2013

California Pizza Kitchen Does Gluten Free, Take 2.

Take two for gluten free pizza at CPK. This time they seem to have hit a home run with doing it properly. They teamed up with GIG to train their staff, and make a pizza that didn't come with a huge disclaimer and a lot of angry customers. Previously there was a huge disclaimer, similar to the one that Domino's touts on their gluten free pizza, "Not for those who have Celiac disease."
You  could order any of their famous pizzas made to order they would use aluminum foil no the pan to make sure no CC happened on the pan, and they moved towards not cutting the pizza so that the cutter didn't contaminate the pizza. The part they missed was the sharing of ingredients and the sauce spoon on the regular pizzas. After enough back lash, the CPK Gluten free pizza was no more.

Fast forward to now, CPK made a huge press release that they now have 4 gluten free pizzas that they worked on with GIG to provide the best dining experience possible. Their menu does note that if you want something other than those 4 you do run a higher risk of cross contamination, but it's clearly stated on the pizza menu. The nice thing is they have a couple, small plates that are gluten free as well as their salads. For the longest time way before being G-Free I would get their salads each time I went, they are really good. 

The gluten free pizzas are on a separate menu, and is easily searchable on their website. When we sat down I noticed there was a sign on the table advertising that they did have gluten free pizzas. When our server came over I asked him if I could have the BBQ Chicken Gluten Free pizza. Right away he asked if it was a dietary or allergy situation. When I said allergy he made a note on the ticket. It seemed like we waited forever for our food, considering I was the only one who got pizza, and the place was pretty dead, I'm not sure what the delay was. 

Eventually our food started to come out. The other two people with me got their meals, and the server said the manager would bring mine out since it was being kept separate from the other meals to avoid contamination. The manager came over, told me he thought I'd be very pleased with the pizza and that they were happy to have the option back on the menu. He also complimented my choice of their signature BBQ Chicken pizza. He also said he'd come and check on us shortly. Which he did. Also there is a little wooden stick that says Gluten Free stuck in the center.

I have to say the pizza crust is thin.. Very thin, like flat bread thin. Also a little cardboard like texture. The taste over all was OK. Nothing that I'm going to stand on a corner raving about, but it was tasty and when trying to plan a meal out, I will go for it. Plus I'm a sucker for their corn guacamole small plate appetizer. Their regular menu does have a little GF next to items that are gluten free for small plates and salads. So if you're not in the mood for pizza you have a couple other options.

They have some good mixed drinks and good pricing for wine, which can make up for their lack of a gluten free dessert option. I give them 4 dragonflies, they are taking the time and effort for pairing with GIG to train to understand how to properly serve a gluten free pizza as well as taking steps to make sure their customers are aware of risks involved. This time they have it correct, and are being diligent in their practices. 


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