Thursday, November 28, 2013

OMG Gluten Free at Home

In Frankfort IL, there is a nice little places named OMG It's Gluten Free. I've had the pleasure to be in the area a couple times to visit their shop, which is a cute little place, only a couple tables, and some semi limited hours. I definitely have to be down in the area to make a trip there worth it. They also sell their products to several grocery store chains around Chicagoland (and starting to branch out), and have products at Brookfield Zoo, Disney land, Several Six Flags locations around the country as well as my favorite restaurant, Coopers Hawk. One thing I have to get when I'm at their cafe are their corn dogs! I really wish those were available in the grocery store! You can also order right from their website to get their products shipped directly to you.

On a recent trip to the new Mariano's location off 16th street and Clark we happened to notice they were carrying the OMG frozen products! Their products carry a heftier price tag than products made by Amy's or EVOL, and portion sizes aren't that much bigger. They even have the cutest little pizza's which personally I think I could eat in 6-7 bites. But They look good. They do carry normal 10" inch pizzas too. They had half the case full of products ranging from pizza and lasagna, to spaghetti and meatballs, and a modified version of chicken parmesan.

The package says you can microwave this, but the metal exterior of the container worries me... We put it in the oven, to bake it instead. It cooked up quite well, it was very tasty, and filling.The 1 bite I like my bf try he said was good. 

While visiting the cafe one time I had their grilled cheese, wow, it was good, their bread is very tasty. It's moist and doesn't carry an odd after taste. Sadly now their cafe is not open on weekends so it's hard to get there and have any of their fresh products, or their amazing corn dogs which are not available in stores. :(

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