Monday, December 23, 2013

Eggheadz Cafe

Taking a detour while on our way to a wedding in East Chicago, Indiana, we thought we'd stop and get some food. We found Eggheadz Cafe and they happen to have breakfast items, and it was interesting sounding. Some scrambled Eggs and bacon sounded good to me, but we ended up finding something much better. 

I was excited at the opportunity for waffles and pancakes, even crepes. I couldn't resist getting the crepe's. I haven't had those in years. they could do any topping/filling. I went simple and did banana's and nuts. I've never been big on fruits with jelly on my breakfast pastries. 

I had to get a side of bacon to make sure it was a little salty in case the crepe's were very sweet. The batter was a bit on the heavier side than a normal crepe. But it was just as good. The restaurant itself is a typical "greasy spoon" diner with breakfast and lunch options available. I  give them 4 dragonflies for the novelty and variety on the menu, but there is definitely a rush of getting food out and keeping customers moving that if you don't emphasize the need for gluten free it could be missed. The staff is energetic and listens to your requests. 

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