Thursday, November 14, 2013

Do-Rite Donuts

While in the city one day, and checking out diner options on Find Me Gluten Free, Do-Rite donuts popped up as a gluten free option. We didn't get to check it out that day, but while at the Chriskindlemarket I noticed the sign, and the large donut on the sidewalk in front of this tiny shop, right next to Petterino's across from the Richard J Daley Center. It was later in the afternoon, and from what I know now, I got super lucky there were donuts left! They make small batches of donuts hourly until 11:00am and they only stay open as long as they have donuts on the shelf.

Do-Rite is backed by Lettuce Entertain you Restaurant group, the brother of one of the owners has Celiac disease, and understand how careful you have to be when preparing gluten free. Lettuce Entertain you Restaurant group does a great job providing gluten free options, which this time is a total benefit. 

Their donuts were AWESOME! It was a great trip down memory lane eating a chocolate glazed cake donuts.  

The gluten free donuts are in a separate area from the regular donuts, right on the front shelf. So it is easy to see if they are out when you walk past the window. I have been advised you can call ahead the night before to reserve donuts for yourself. There are generally 2 gluten free flavors for each day, and They DO Sell Out FAST!

I have been back a handful of times since the first time I tried them and it's been hit or miss getting donuts, even as early as 11:00am! I've even seem the store closed as early as 2:00pm! My brother was recently down in the city for jury duty, at 1:00 he went in and there were 3 boxes labeled "SOLD!" they were all gluten free chocolate donuts someone called and reserved. He was able to get me 2 of the last 3 lemon donuts they had. He said daily there are lines out the door, which really says something about their donuts!

They are definitely on the 4 dragonfly rating for me. They have a separate fryer for the gluten free donuts, the staff also knows to bag gluten free donuts in a separate bag from the regular donuts. I look like a kid in a candy store on any given visit that I can get donuts, who knew such a simple food could make one so happy!

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