Monday, November 4, 2013

Adobe Gila's

I had another date night with my boyfriend at the Muvico in Rosemont. It's really our favorite theater since you can reserve your seats ahead of time, so you don't need to be there early to get that perfect spot! :) I suggested we check out Adobe Gila's this time, because I'd seen they did gluten free, and that it was marked on the regular menu while looking online. The only problem with the online menu is you can't make it large enough to actually read... but you can see the Not-gluten free labels to the left of items. There were a Lot of good looking meals that were labeled as gluten free. I was delighted that they noted the fryers are not dedicated gluten free! This is a HUGE pet peeve for me when dining out. Restaurants that list fries, or chips on their gluten free safe menu, but they are fried with other breaded items... So they are Not Gluten Free then!! I was happy they noted this on here.

It was also noted again on the bottom of the menu by the desserts. I thought they did a great job of listing out the allergy listing. I enjoyed the food, though our waitress was a bit slow their range of options was nice. 

I would be willing to come here again when I'm back in the area, but knowing what risks there are since there are no dedicated fryers or grills. The fryer is easy to deal with, but the grill does make me nervous, because they do serve flour tortilla's and those will be grilled with the rest of the food. I give them a 3 dragonfly rating. The food and selection is good, but the chance for contamination does stand out.

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