Monday, November 25, 2013

Food Review - Gluten free soft pretztels, Annie's meals, crackers and some bars!

Finding new products in the grocery story is a very excitable moment for me. I tend to look like a small child as I try not to buy everything I see. I couldn't pass up the Kim & Scott soft pretzels. I loved soft hot pretzels. I picked up some cheese Tostito's cheese to go with it as well, cause you can't have pretzels without cheese!

They were super easy to make, you can just pop them in the microwave and they are ready in less than a minute. I was shocked they had pretzel salt in the box as well. I enjoyed the pretzels though I found them very dense, and if I didn't have the salt and cheese I'm not sure I would have enjoyed them. They definitely were dense and had a strong gluten free taste. 

Annie's mac and cheese has been a family favorite in my house since we discovered they had a mac and cheese similar to Kraft's Mac and cheese. When I saw that they had tuna helper I thought we have to try it out! We had tried adding tuna to the regular Annie's mac and cheese and we loved it. The mac and cheese has a lot of flavor and is so creamy and cheesy it worked well. The Skillet meal I found was a classic Alfredo, all you needed to add was tuna. We opted to add a bit of hot sauce and garlic powder to make sure we had a good taste and punch. One thing I noticed that was different from the Mrs. Leeper's meals was that the pasta stayed more al dente.

But over all this meal scored a win for us. It was filling (for 3 of us) and it had a lot of taste. I remember I picked it up while traveling.. Now I have to figure out where I was so I can find other flavors to try! 

Van's recently came out with peanut butter and jelly bars. I stared blankly the first time and went "Blah!" I never liked PB&J as a child. I liked peanut butter, I liked jelly. For me they each got their own time on bread eaten by themselves. I thought, maybe this would give me a reason to like PB&J all as one. The outside of the bar, which looks like a little jelly sandwich, has the peanut butter in the crust. The jelly is a bit over powered by the peanut butter and actually had a good balance for me. My main disappointment was how tiny they are! In my opinion they are a child's portion, or a side portion to go with a meal, nothing that's going to fill you up!
The Altoids(are gluten free) are for size reference..

While on the bars idea I got Natures Valley roasted nut crunch bars. I use to eat their granola bars all the time! Their nut bars are plainly labeled on the front Gluten Free. Getting a box to try out was NOT a disappointment. I had found the Almond ones and found myself eating them for breakfast, with my lunch and for a snack later in the day. I was very excited and glad I found these, they are similar to the KIND bars, but completely nut based, no fruit or chocolate added.

A late addition, I found these today at the grocery store Breton Gluten Free crackers! Growing up every holiday contained a cheese and cracker tray and the crackers were always Breton. Sadly my favorite ones where the wheat crackers... But these are pretty good, and though they don't taste like wheat they have the seeds so it' a very familiar taste. These are so far the best table crackers I've found since I've been gluten free. Plus they are a good size not the normal "it's gluten free let's make it tiny" items.

This last one was a total accident while roaming Tony's Finer Foods I found a new soup mix or at least new to me, from My favorite Gourmet. It was a broccoli cheddar soup mix that was gluten free! Wow, I think I've had broccoli cheddar soup once in the last 3 years since being gluten free, where as I ate it at least 2-3 times a month before that. It has dehydrated broccoli, so we had to jazz it up a bit, and added some frozen broccoli, garlic powder, onion powder, and a little more cheddar cheese. It was Really good! 

That concludes this round up of products. As we go into Thanksgiving, and me having some time off from work we may get some more baking reviews, and new product reviews. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving. There is a pumpkin pie with my name on (Literally!) at our new Whole Foods that will taste amazing I'm sure with some Cool Whip topping on it!

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