Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Walnut Room Gluten free

This past weekend found me in the heart of the loop looking at the windows at Macy's and even eating in the famed Walnut Room. It's been years since I last dined in the Walnut Room, certainly before I was gluten free. Last year we looked at the menu, and it wasn't that great, plus we decided it wasn't worth the wait in line for a table. From November 1st to January 14th they do not take reservations. You can get a pager and wait in line, or shop the 7th floor, but when you have a full day in the city planned, it's not going to get you far!

I was shocked this past weekend how dead the city was. Now it is early in the Christmas season, and no ones thinking about going to see the tree at Macy's since the tree at Daily Plaza isn't up yet, so it was perfect for getting in and sitting right by the tree!

I was a bit disappointed since the tree is identical to last year. When Marshal Fields was in town they did a different tree each year. It was exciting to go down and see what the theme was this time... No Surprise here, It's the 2012 tree redone for 2013. It is pretty and sparkly, and my boyfriends amazing talent for photography his pictures made it look more amazing than it did in person!

Dinner - The gluten free menu, does have items in each category, but it definitely isn't a big menu. It's great they accommodate for gluten free, there is a menu, but you have to like chicken, salmon or salad. I was starving so I knew a salad wouldn't work, and I still hate salmon... So Chicken it was, I was glad the mustard sauce was on the side, because I'm really not a fan of mustard. 

The soup of the day was a pumpkin bisque. I got a cup, it was very tasty and creamy, it was a nice small portion to hold me over while dinner was prepared. 

Dinner came out and the server who brought it out did announce it as the gluten free grilled chicken. It all had a great presentation. I did try the mustard sauce and didn't find it too over bearing for a mustard taste. I dunked some of my chicken in it. I did have to say the veggies were OMG seasoned. They were SO Salt and Peppery I felt like the chef added a whole bottle of salt and pepper mix to my veggies alone! I always finish my veggies, but I just couldn't do it without making a scene to wipe them off. The flip side was the chicken was juicy and very good, so was the rice, it was very tasty like they added a little seasoning to it, but definitely not as much as the veggies. 

We were all full after dinner, even though we'd picked out dessert items while looking over the menu we said no we'd pass and continue on with our night. I was feeling a bit full and bloated, a little light headed, but I did indulge in a cocktail as well, but I'm not sure that was causing my issue. We walked over and checked out millennium park, which looked so nice with the fall leaves and the clear night.

My overall rating I hate to say it, unless you are going for the tree, it's a rather lack luster menu.The poor execution of the veggies left me underwhelmed with the whole meal. I was glad we got to go and sit by the tree, but really I'd rather go for a drink and call it a day and walk down to Roti, Petterino's or even Jason's Deli, all right there all have more options. They get 2 dragonflies from me. I want to give them more for ambiance, but they have put a wine bar in the Walnut room, go for a glass of Pinot and go to dinner somewhere else. 

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