Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PF Changs & Pei Wei Gluten Free Chinese

P.F. Changs a national chain of Chinese restaurants, as well as their smaller, quicker service chain Pei Wei both offer gluten free options for Chinese food. I've heard some very mixed reviews from people saying they've gotten sick after eating at P.F. Changs. My experiences I've never had an issue with any meals at P.F. Changs.
Just about the time I was diagnosed with Celiac disease a Pei Wei opened about 1 mile from my house. It's been fabulous! I know I can go for a quick GF meal, though Pei Wei's menu is limited compared to P.F. Changs, it's still really tasty!

I'll start with Pei Wei. Really they have 2 options with 2 proteins, in 2 styles, so it does turn into a bigger menu for entree's, but you have to be in the mood for shrimp or chicken. They also have 2 appetizers, I think they must like the #2. I LOVE their edamame. I never ate edamame prior to being gluten free, now I'm addicted. They also have Chicken Vietnamese Rolls which could be a small meal on their own, they are tasty, and come with a good sauce too. Do make sure to order emphasizing Gluten Free, as both options are available on the regular menu. 

They have a sweet and sour or a spicy sauce, with either chicken or shrimp (4 options right there). You can also get each option made into a salad instead of getting rice with it. (There you get 6 options!) Or you can get really wild and crazy and get a combo of both shrimp and chicken with each sauce. :) My favorite is the Spicy Shrimp. I've never gotten sick from any meal at Pei Wei, but I have been very explicit with making sure they understand it needs to be prepared gluten free, and when they have brought out a plate and not said "Gluten free...." before placing it down I request it be remade to be certain. The location I visit is often very busy so I get a bit worried that something could be made wrong, or delivered to the wrong table. When you carry out, all items are packaged and labeled gluten free, as well as giving to-go packets of San J Tamari Soy Sauce! (I Never leave home without a packet in my purse.)

P.F. Changs, Their parent company does a fairly extensive gluten free menu. Theirs covers all proteins and a bunch of different sauces, and fried rice.They will also bring out gluten free Tamari Soy Sauce for your meal as well as their pot sticker sauce, which is gluten free.

I loved P.F. Chang's prior to being gluten free, so this was a nice treat to keep in the "normal places we can go with friends" category. They are pretty awesome in my book, all gluten free meals come out plated differently than regularly prepared meals. All gluten free meals comes out on a round plate that says P.F. Chang's around the outside. They will also take your order on a bright colored ticket to signal the chef that it's an allergy situation. I like places that help add steps in to make sure the correct dish is delivered to the right place. The gluten free is in the same menu, so you don't need a separate menu to order from, plus they have appetizers and desserts in addition to main dishes!

All and All I give them 4 dragonflies, I've had quite a few meals here, and none of them have turned out bad for me. Though I have heard stories of others who can't handle eating there, most of them have deduced they have another allergy or food sensitivity that causes them to get sick.

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