Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trattoria 225

Trattoria 225 is in the Arts district of Oak Park on Harrison St. offers vegan and gluten free old world style Italian dishes. Their menu includes a multitude of dishes including pizzas made in an wood burning pizza oven. They believe in using local and organic products as much as they can.

The menu has asterisk's to the left of the items that they are able to make gluten free.(which is most of the menu, including pizza's) They even offer 2 gluten free beers on their drink list. Their wine list is fabulous, and priced very affordably.

I love places that have appetizers that are gluten free, and a good selection of them. Again (our second visit) we had choices, and had to debate what to get for an appetizer. I miss having that many options, you have to figure out what you want to try. We got the prosuto wrapped mozzarella w/pesto sauce. I could have eaten a full meal of this and been happy.

If you are dinning on the weekend, I would recommend making a reservation, since this area can get pretty busy with the art galleries when the weather is nice. Their weekly specials are listed on Facebook, and if you join their email listing, they will email them to you the week before.

What I really enjoy when I dine here is the exotic art that is hanging on the walls. They have spaces for local artists to display their works of art, that are for sale. So you can always see something different when you go in there. Which gives the place so much character. The staff is very knowlegable about gluten free.

Overall dinning I give them a rating of 4 dragonflies. There is always a risk of cross contamination, but their dedication for food, and the knowledge of the staff makes me feel safe eating here, they will even present the meal to you stating it's gluten free.

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