Saturday, September 28, 2013

Glutino's Cinnamon Bagel Chips

YUM! That’s the best way to sum up. Glutino’s Bagel Chips. They come in 3 flavors, plain, garlic Parmesan and Cinnamon Sugar. I LOVE the cinnamon Sugar ones. I’m not even entirely true… Though I do love things made with cinnamon, this could be why. Rudi’s cinnamon raisin bread, Glutino cinnamon apple toaster pastries, I use to love the cinnamon bagels from Panera.. Ok so there is a theme. 
Taste wise they are very similar to full size bagel chips you can buy in the deli section of the grocery store. But in true gluten free style, they are mini. Take your hand, form a circle with your index finger and thumb, that’s about the average size of a bagel chip in the box. They are crispy, so watch out if you have sensitive teeth; the first bite is a douse.
Taste wise, I felt the garlic parmesan ones were lacking in overall flavor, I was really hoping for more of a punch of taste and flavor.  I haven’t tried the plain ones, but I’m thinking those would rock with some cream cheese on them, and maybe help soften them up a bit! The cinnamon sugar ones have the most flavor, some of them are almost entirely doused in sugar.
The back of the box gives a serving size of 7 chips. HA! I don’t think I’ve even sat down and eaten just 7 chips. I’m not sure I could refrain myself to just 7 chips at a time. I think of Pringles, “Once you pop, you just can’t stop” that’s how the bagel chips are for me. On the back they also have a couple dip recipes that go with the flavor, so the cinnamon sugar ones have 2 sweet dip suggestions. I keep the dip recipes for my collection of dips to make for potluck parties and the holidays! Any of the recipes would go great with glutino pretzels as well! 
My favorite way to eat them, for breakfast with my coffee, which is probably why I now want to dunk them in cream cheese to eat them like a regular bagel!

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