Sunday, May 24, 2015

BlackFinn Ameripub

BlackFinn Ameripub has been in Mount Prospect, a stones throw from my house for a couple years now. I'll be honest it didn't sound that appetizers, so I think they've upped their menu options in recent months and added a lot of new items.

We stopped in to check it out one Wednesday night, as a recommendation from my parents. Turns out it was half price wine night too. The gluten free items are marked in the menu with the regular items, they also label if it's an item that can be customized to be gluten free, so they have two different indicators. There was a variety of items to choose from most of the sections of the menu, which made me happy there were options.

I had asked the server about the GF and GFO markings. I ordered a dish that was labeled GF, not GFO sides are listed separate, he told me which sides were GF safe, which oddly did not include the rice. I'm always shocked when places say their rice is not safe, but I went a long with it, better to be safe than sorry. Whipped sweet potatoes instead totally hit the spot. Their portion sizes are huge! When my plate arrived I almost asked if I missed a marking for meal for two on the menu! 

Our server seemed very knowledgeable when I mentioned I was gluten free, he pointed out right away being half price wine night that I could still get wine and be good! 
I give them 4 dragonflies, they had a good selection of foods on their menu. All items are listed GF or GFO depending if it needs modifications. Staff seems to know what's going on. I'll go back.

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