Monday, May 11, 2015

Deerfields Sugar Cookies Mix

Happiness is cookies. Even better happiness is homemade cookies, fresh out of the oven, even if they are made with a mix. I happened to find a bag of Deerfields Sugar Cookie Mix recently and thought I'd try them out, homemade. To start of with, Deerfields makes gluten free goodies at their Schaumburg location, and they are kept in a freezer at all 3 locations, as well as several stores around Chicagoland. Deerfields has been making baked goods since 1886, and are well known around the area. What's another great plus, their gluten free products are made at a peanut free facility as well.

The first time I had their cupcakes, I did notice one thing, they're sweet, almost too sweet for me. Their lemon button cookies are good, but you do have to bring them up to room temperature for a good solid taste on them. They are a great find, but not my first of the gluten free options out there. 

Their Cookie Mix... Well it's super easy recipe. Always my favorite thing when I go to back, quick, easy, common ingredients needed. There were instructions on how to make a sugar cookie frosting/icing to go on the cookies, but I wasn't that ambitious that morning, so I stuck with my stable, colored sprinkles. It seems no matter how old they are, guys love colored sprinkles on cookies, so my sugar cookies are always a hit. Flavor on these, Good! Not too sweet, and not to grainy/gritty tasting, so they already had a leg up on Betty Crocker Gluten Free cookies. 

But there really was no after taste, so they tasted like sugar cookies made from scratch. Next time I see this mix, I'd be inclined to pick it up again, and make another batch when we're having guests over.

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