Sunday, May 3, 2015

Macello's not Marcello's....

Let's not keep things simple and easy here, that's no fun. While in the crawl back into the city after work one Friday, my G-ful BF tasked me with finding a place to go for dinner. I was trying to not fall asleep and scan Find Me Gluten Free for something new, and with multiple reviews. After having issues of places not doing GF, but being listed from our San Fran Trip, last year, he won't let me consider a place without multiple reviews... Good policy it saves our disappointment and frustration when we get there and they tell us "No we don't do gluten free!" *Le sigh! 

Scrolling thru I saw Macello's.We're already fans of Marcello's, so I read the reviews. The 2nd review got me curios, they stated you could get gluten free pasta dishes not found anywhere else. I automatically thought about Leo's Products. I pulled their site up and looked to see where they were currently serving their products, and Macello's came up on their site too... Winner winner, Gnochi dinner!! 

It was a gorgeous night, so we rode our bikes over, hunted down a spot to lock them up and went inside. From the outside it looks very small and plain. We questioned that the hours online were correct, because it looked more like a patisserie from the front. We went in talked to the host, who then opened a curtain to the back room, which made me smile. It was a blend of old world Italian meets Chicago industrial. You hear and feel the L train go by while dinning. The one wall is filled with bottles of wine, and you can see the chef prepping pizza's and sprinkling cheese on your meal before it leaves the back. 

We looked over the GF menu listing, to be honest, I only looked at the regular menu long enough to peruse the wine listing. I got the gnochi, and specified to make sure it was gluten free. The server assured me there was no gluten-ful counterpart to each menu item. So it could not get mixed up. My bf had the GF butternut squash ravioli, which besides gnocchi is one of his favorite dishes. 

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