Thursday, May 14, 2015

Aldi's Gluten Free Love

Aldi’s goes gluten free – for the 2nd year in a row Aldi’s has launched a slew of new gluten free products right at the beginning of Celiac Disease Awareness month. It’s a very pleasant surprise to see the new items show up in their flyer. Products do vary based on location many times, and not all items launched will become regulars to their product line, it’s a nice inexpensive way to indulge on your favorite items of gluten years past. 

Last year products included a range of dry goods to frozen items. They brought out cookie mix, and brownie mix, granola bars, flour, hot pockets, 2 frozen meal options, pizza, chicken nuggets, crisp bread, wraps, and white and multi-grain bread to list a few items. Most items remained on the shelves after the promotion ended, giving us gluten free eaters some nice inexpensive options for picking of quick staples. 

This year they brought out more exciting items, boxed macaroni and cheese, both powdered version and “real” shells and cheese, frozen mac and cheese and spaghetti, cheesecake, tamale bites, pasta side dishes, cereal, chips, crackers, angel food cake, ravioli, and soon they will have additional hot pocket flavors. I’ll be honest I was one of those people who came and stocked up on everything so I could make sure to get a variety and try the most exciting looking items. 

I’ll be honest when it comes to food for me, convenience wins most the time. I don’t mind taking the time to make the main entrée for dinner, but for a side or snack, I like things that are quick to prepare, and inexpensive is even better, that’s why I’m totally crushing on the Aldi’s items. #AldisForTheWin. I don’t have the time or energy to make everything from scratch after working all day.

Only a few items haven’t won me over in their product line the frozen Italian meals gave me really bad heart burn that I could do without. The hot pockets tend to be a bit dry on the crust, but if you add some cheese or pizza sauce they work just fine! The mac and cheese is a close 2nd to my favorite Annie’s brand which is impressive to me. Totally blows the Walmart brand out of the water. The cheesecake Wow – creamy flavorful, (though the crust does include nuts) the crust is moist and no one would ever know it was GF! – I can serve it to friends without them questioning it. In my mind this is a keeper cause anyone can buy and enjoy it. We’ve been trying different Aldi’s products over the last week to see what they’re like so I know what to go back and stock up on! 

Besides the Live G-Free line Aldi's has an expansive selection of items that are labeled Gluten Free. Great for quick shopping, you can flip see the label and keep going. Plus they have awesome wine at a great price. I'm a huge fan of their chicken nuggets, a bag of those, a bag of mixed veggies and a bottle of wine solve any "I don't know what to make for dinner concerns.

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