Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lulu's Gulf Shore

While visiting the Gulf Shore we visited Lucy Buffets Gulf Shore for dinner. Just like Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville, Lucy Buffets Lulu's had a decent gluten free menu, as far as the number of options offered. They also took the time to call out an allergy order when ordering.

When our server saw the gluten free menu at the table, he had the manager come over and specifically write up my order. I found some good items on the menu, but my disappointment was there was a LOT of seafood, and I'm not a seafood lover. That part was a bit disappointing, but The queso and chips for an appetizer was very tasty. If they could do some gluten free breaded and fried fish, we'd have been on a better tack together. But with that not an option I looked for the land options.
I got the pulled pork, my only issue is it was so spicy I couldn't eat it. It overwhelmed my tastebuds with spice. I had asked to have cheese on it, which I couldn't taste over the flavor from the BBQ sauce.

I did enjoy the veggies, some fries would have helped with cutting down the spicy flavor. Not only did the manager take my order, but she also brought out my food. I would say over all, it was nice to have an appetizer option, and luckily there is some "land" options on the menu, cause none of us in our party were seafood eaters. I would only give them a 4 dragonfly rating due to their lack of variety on items, though they did have appetizers, more variety would be awesome!

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