Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gluten free Tiramisu

One of my favorite desserts is Tiramisu, next to Ice cream, or fruit and pound cake in chocolate fondue.
While checking out a different grocery store in the area today I spotted the Schar gluten free lady finger cookies. I was looking over the package trying to figure out if I had a Tiramisu recipe at home that I could make later this week, when I turned the package over, and it was right on the side! Schar had the recipe sized to their package of cookies right on the side!

After reading the ingredients the only thing I didn't already have at home was mascarpone cheese, so we went and found that so we are now having tiramisu for dessert tonight! I'm always apprehensive when a recipe calls for whipping egg white until stiff peaks form, but it worked for me this time. (Trying to make meringue cookies once, didn't turn out so pretty.)I was shocked how many cookies actually came in the container! Maybe I'm Gluten free jaded, but it always seems like there are so few cookies in any box, but this had about 16 cookies, so we even had a couple extra to taste once the tiramisu was in the fridge to hold me over until dessert time.

The cookies alone were a bit chalky and dry, but sweet. Dunked in coffee for breakfast they would probably be fabulous. The lady fingers seemed to absorb the coffee quickly but didn't become to mushy to handle. I did pour a little extra rum over the lady fingers as they soaked up the coffee. You can never have too much rum in my book!!

Here is what the final product that I put in the fridge to set looked like! The package said to let it sit at least 6 hours. I recommend following that, mine only sat for a little over 5 hours, and it was runny and a bit messy when I served it. I think it needed to sit just a little longer for the presentation once cut and served. Thank goodness my family is informal, and we're no stranger to "mush" cakes, the first pieces never come out well and really, it all tastes the same in the end!

It has a mild coffee flavor, not too strong, if you like stronger, add some extra coffee beans when you brew your cup of coffee to soak the lady fingers. Or you can add some coffee liquor, I've always experienced those having a strong coffee flavor. 

Over all family rating, I should make this again for dessert!

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