Monday, June 2, 2014

The Blues Bar

The Blues Bar in Mount Prospect- We're not talking about anything that's going to win awards here, but it's a neighborhood place that has options, and a good selection of craft beers that are gluten free! After talking with the bartender for some time we found out that they are willing to bring in a few different gluten free beers to meet the demand for it, and were shocked to know they were kind of the only place in our general area doing so.

The Blues Bar is themed after the ever popular cult film, The Blues Brothers. So the inside has a replica of the police car, which hailed from Mount Prospect in the movie, and statues of Jake and Elwood Blues. It's a cute theme, which they follow through with by having bands and live music on the weekends. During the week they show sports on the big screens throughout the restaurant.

When we walked in I saw the Green's Amber Ale in the mini fridge before I even got to my seat. I ordered it and started flipping through the beer list, to see they had more beer and cider options to my surprise. They even had a ginger beer, which sounded interesting. (Note I know have a 4 pack of ginger beer in my fridge at home). Crabbie's is imported from the UK, I have to say of a person who doesn't like Ginger, I really liked it.

We started talking and my brother asked if there was anything I could eat, we started flipping through the menu and I saw that they had gluten free buns for the burgers. Then I even notices the quesadilla's could be made with a corn tortilla. I asked the bartender to check with the cook that the quesadilla's would then be gluten free. They both agreed, yes, they'd be gluten free. Well any place that can provide gluten free appetizers moves up a notch in my book right away.

For being an appetizer the portions where quite large and we ended up splitting them. We've been back a couple times now to have a beer, a snack and chat. They have a nice outside seating area for the summer, not huge, but they have TV's faced out so you can sit outside and catch a game! 

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