Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pizza, crumb cake, pot pies and new donuts - Yum!

I'm fairly certain there is an unwritten language that translates "personal frozen pizza" to mean "Tiniest pizza they found to put in that box" - 

So that sums up the Smart Flour pizza... I know the box was smaller, but I swear the pizza shrinks in the box. As a stand alone pizza, wouldn't fill me up. As an addition to some fruit and sliced cheese it was enough. The dough came out a little softer, like a NYC style pizza, but the crust is flavorful, and the sauce isn't overpowering.

Since I'm dog sitting at my brothers girlfriends place, I had to pull out the pizza pizzaz to make the pizza, which has always been spot on with cooking pizzas, so I knew it was fully cooked. 

Katz Donuts - I was a bit worried after trying their Rugalesh a while back and finding it dry, I hoped the donuts weren't the same way. Luckily they aren't, at all like the rugalesh. They were very moist and comparable to the ones that I usually get from Kinnickinicks. I got the cinnamon ones to do a one to one comparison these were super close, and tasted so real to the ones I remember getting in high school in the cafeteria.

Blossom Bakery - Tasty, their crumb cake and cheese cake were both so good. They come frozen so I had to let them sit and thaw out before digging in, but a day in the fridge did them good! Tasty. It was the first time I'd heard of the Utah bakery, but I'm glad they found their way to Chi-town, they are on my will indulge in again list.

Personally I'm a fan of Amy's products. They do disclaimer they are made in a shared facility - I've only had an issue with one item from them, and I noticed shortly after the issue, the product was pulled from shelves, so I'm not sure my issue was even gluten related. The pot pie was so tasty. I haven't had a pot pie with a nice crispy crust like this in a long time.

Evol -I'm already an Evol fan, minus their burrito's they have a funny consistency for me. But their bowls, quesadilla's, and now their meals for 2. We picked this up after a long bike ride on the lakefront, just wanting "something to throw in the oven and not think about" meal. Well this doesn't go in the oven, but it's so super easy to make. Delish! It was the right serving size for 2 people with a small side, and the flavor was great. Looking on their website it looks like there are 4 gluten free flavors. As always when buying read the labels there are not-gf ones available too.

Tres Papusas - Ok this one was a bit random, they showed up in my Facebook feed one day as a great new product to try. I bookmarked it as a "If I see it in the store, I want to check it out."I spotted them right away at Whole Foods, after reading the packaging 100 times we opted to try them. They were very similar to a product we'd tried in San Fransisco, and very tasty. I really enjoyed these. They are great for a side dish or something to compliment a bowl of soup.

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