Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HopScotch Beer and Whiskey Bar

HopScotch Beer & Whiskey Bar in Franklin Park is a cute hip place to grab a drink and a bite to eat. I have this habit was trolling through Find Me Gluten Free randomly in places around where I live, to see in anything new pops up, or if someone does a rave review of a place that's worth checking out. This looked interesting and was new, but had no reviews. Today we were driving through the area, and I decided to see what was near by and there were 2 five star reviews. So we decided it was worth checking out.

Two things I love when I find a new place, appetizer options and dedicated fryers for french fries! Who knew being 33 years old french fries would become a lust food for me. I think it's a Celiac thing. Our server was great, friendly knowledgeable when I ask about gluten free beers he did excuse himself to double check which ones they had. Glutenburg, New Grist, and Two Brothers Prairie Path, as well as Vandermill's cider, but that was on tap. (Personal rule I don't drink beer/cider from the tap for fear of contamination from other beers.) 

The menu notes that Udi's gluten free buns are available for a $3 charge. I felt the $3 was a bit high, but understandable since I don't see this being a super busy place that would blow through a lot of the buns quickly.The menu is very GastroPub style, and there were some really good sounding options on it. I honestly went simple and got a burger, though their burgers have some great sauce and topping options that you don't find every day. That made them stand out more to me. I had a blue cheese Aoli sauce on my burger!

I was highly shocked to see the fries were fried in a dedicated fryer, they were really tasty! My burger was good too. I noticed I had gotten full, and kept eating, true sign I like my food. My boyfriend got a Not Gluten Free Flatbread and said he really liked it. So the "regular" food was good in his book as well. 

I'd give them 4 dragonflies, they have french fries, need I say more? The food was tasty, they had drink options, and the service was super friendly. They are located in an odd direction from my house, but I think if we're passing through the area, it will be an option for stopping to grab a bite to eat, and maybe hear some music? They had a section set up for live bands! 

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