Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Swirlz Cupcakes

Swirlz cupcakes are on the northwest side of Chicago in Lincoln Park- Swirlz for me is a classic. Before I was even dating my boyfriend he and I would go to lunch and chat like friends do. For the most of this time I was quite sick, I wouldn't admit it then, but I was going for tests all the time to find out what was wrong with me. It was my Pre-Celiac Diagnosis days. When we found out what was wrong and I told him I had to be gluten free, he told me "Don't worry, you can still have cupcakes! I know where to get them!" You had me at Cupcakes!!! He brought me a box of cupcakes from Swirlz and told me how good they were. My one co-worker was so jealous not that he brought me cupcakes but because they were Swirlz cupcakes. She loved their cupcakes.

Swirlz is off Lincoln and Belden in Chicago. Back in the good old days of college we'd come to this area to drink and hang out on a weekend night, it's right by the Lincoln Park area of DePaul College. Parking is a bit tough, but doable. If you're at Lincoln Park Zoo it's just about around the corner. 

Swirlz has an awesome selection of cupcakes, and special edition cakes that can be made both gluten free and vegan many times. Their flavors rotate daily and are posted to their website on what the flavor of the day is. From experience if there is a flavor you really want, call ahead and reserve a box! You can even order ahead and have special cupcakes made for any event, including weddings and showers. Anyone thinking of a cupcake wedding? I know the thought has crossed my mind. 

For my birthday my boyfriend brought 2 dozen Swirlz cupcakes, 1 dozen gluten free, and 1 dozen not gluten free. No one seemed to care which one they got since they all tasted so good. To be honest, they've set the bar pretty high for gluten free and vegan baking, you won't know the difference! 

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