Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Happ Inn

The Happ Inn is a cute pub style restaurant on Happ Road in Northfield. I've been here a few times over the last couple years, they have a decent gluten free menu, with some good options. I love when places have a decent selection of appetizers, some times you don't want a full meal, and a cup of soup and a flatbread, or some hummus would really be enough.

Their menu does have a large selection of salad options, as well as burgers that are served on either a gluten free bun, or wrapped in lettuce. Their French fries are fried in a dedicated fryer, so they don't get cross contaminated from breaded items being fried. I had the waitress confirm when placing my order.

For an appetizer we got the gluten free flat bread pizza, there were several flavors to choose from. I was impressed, it didn't have a funky after taste, and the crust was light. The outside crust with no toppings was a bit crunchier than I would like, considering I grew up in the burbs of Chicago, I'm not a pizza crust lover. I always liked the middle pieces of pizza better!

For dinner I got the Mexican Turkey Burger, with fries. The burger had a lot of potential, but the turkey burger was over cooked and dry, and the gluten free bun was also, dry. They gave a side of guacamole and salsa to top the burger, as well at lettuce. For me the salsa was more like a mole sauce, and not salsa like. A good chopped up fresh salsa with tomato chunks would have been better for me, and helped bring this back to life. But if nothing else the fries rocked!

Next time I think I'll order the flat bread as my entrée and skip the burger. Their menu also had a chicken tortilla soup, that I heard was very tasty, as well as a turkey chili! so they do have a good variety of options, and small plate options, which always makes me happy.

Over all I give them 3 dragonflies. They have a good selection on their menu, and they understand gluten free to keep the fries from cross contamination. But my dinner selection was a bit lacking and I'd want to try more items before I say their food is great.

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