Friday, October 18, 2013

Glutino Quick and Easy Pancakes

Earlier this year Glutino's came out with some new products, including pancakes that you make right in the bottle, and they only need 1 ingredient water! 

I remember getting bottles like this growing up, and on Saturday mornings dad would make pancakes and scrambled eggs. I've made Pamela's pancake mix, Bob's Red Mill and Hodson Mill, before, and the first two were good... wasn't a fan of Hodson Mill's which was a disappointment since I love their cookie mix. Their pancakes came out grainy and tough. What I love about the Glutnio's mix, is all you add is water! My boyfriend is the typical bachelor, and his place mirrors that mentality, open the fridge there is a pitcher of water and a 6 pack of beer, and a garbage can of take out containers. So the idea of making breakfast has to be simple or a shopping trip is needed. Which for anyone who lives in downtown Chicago, you know that can be a half day adventure just to buy milk eggs and butter!

Add water, pour in the pan, and voila! Pancakes are ready. I was especially proud because I had to take a phone call in the middle of this, and they still turned out well! We had a few left over too, which became his breakfast for the next morning. Surprisingly since they were made with water, not milk they were still fluffy and not dry, they had good flavor to them. If he happened to have some butter I might have added that for a touch more flavor, but butter and syrup taste so good together, you can't pass it up! Over all two thumbs up from me! Maybe next time I'll add some bananas or walnuts too...

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