Friday, October 11, 2013

New GF Meal Options!

I can't lie, I love quick and easy meals. They get me thru the day at work. If I had my own kitchen I'm sure I'd cook more, or at least I tell myself that. So I get super stoked when I find new gluten free meal offerings in the frozen section. While getting lunch items recently at my local grocery store I found some new product offerings. The first being Michael Angelo's Risotto dishes. OK the microwave at work is horrible at heating. Every meal takes way longer to make so the 3 minutes the box says turns in to 8 or 9 minutes... The meal was done, but the rice was still tough. Plus I'm not a lemon sauce fan. But it was OK. they had 3 other options, I'll have to give them a try, but it was filling. 

The second being a new brand by Lucerne foods The angle of the aisle I couldn't get the whole shelf in view, but there was pasta and macaroni and cheese meals at the bottom of the shot. The prices were about right on for gluten free, maybe a little cheaper if you have your Fresh Values card with you when shopping. I would say their shortbread cookies don't actually taste like shortbread cookies. They were good, crumbly and thin, but not like a shortbread.

Mac and cheese, yes please - I was excited to see the Mac and Cheese option, so I got a box to try out. On a scale of rating mac and cheese, it's not as good as Annie's mac and cheese. But it's not bad the cheese was tasty and the noodles were soft. It could have passed for not being gluten free. I went back 4 days later to buy another box, and sadly they were out. Next time! It's not bad to keep in the cupboard for last minute side dish or a quick whip up meal. 

Schar's Chibata roll and mac and cheese dinner!
Part of me felt these products don't really exist, expect for the fact that I actually purchased some. There is no website for them. They are not listed on the Eating right website... They just exist with no extra information.

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