Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mity Nice Grill Gluten Free menu

Mity Nice Grill is a great sit down place to go to when you at Water Tower Place in the city. There is a play house on the 1st floor of Water Tower and they will do their best to get you in and out so you don't miss your show. It's tucked away in the back of the Food Life which is a nice open area food court which also offers gluten free options. Just ask the hostess when you arrive they give you a great print out of what is available!

Their menu does change seasonally both the regular and the gluten free. They make their own gluten free buns so all burgers and sandwiches come on a gluten free bun.the best part are the pop-overs they bring out to the table before the meal. Their "bread basket" is gluten free! They are the most amazing cheesy bread you'll ever have. My brothers girlfriend loves them, which is a great compliment since she can't live without bread.

Their bread is tasty it's not dry, it actually feels like they steam it prior to serving it. I got a turkey sandwich and a side of broccoli. I had a hard time finishing my meal, probably because I filled up on the pop-overs! We had gotten an order of their guacamole and veggies as an appetizer. My main issue was that the veggies were chopped up real tiny. So it made it hard to eat. I think bigger slices would have been much better.

The food here is amazing, both gluten free and regular. The service is horrible. Unless you have show tickets your meal is very long and drawn out. I do recommend reservations for getting a table around dinner time. Also pushing to the front of the entrance and blocking the door way in order to be seated is required. I'm not rude but this is the only way to get seated without being passed over for anyone else who pushes in.

If you politely stand at the hostess stand, you will be passed over for people pushing into the entrance. I find this odd, since Mity Nice is a part of Lettuce Entertain you Restaurant group and their restaurants are pretty stand up. the excuse they gave to the couple who got passed up in front of us, was "they have show tickets". Which isn't fair to the people who walked up and were waiting, especially since the next table was about to open up... Show tickets or not, they were there first, and skipped. We were there, but not pushing in the doorway. People without reservations pushed in front of us despite standing there for 10 minutes, they got seated first, because they were 2 feet in the doorway, impatient and pushing. We did not have show tickets and our meal was 2 hours long!!! By the time our server rediscovered our table to ask if we wanted dessert, we had our coats on and were ready to leave. I give them 4 dragonflies for the food. If I did different breakouts they would get 2 dragonflies for their service.

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