Monday, July 21, 2014

Lady Gregory's Irish Bar & Restaurant

Lady Gregory's in Andersonville - One word - Awesome! Such a great variety of items on them menus for both gluten free and regular. The story of the restaurant is that while they were building a fire gutted the restaurant and they had to start from scratch decorating and furnishing the inside. They came back from the ashes to build a great place to eat.

My boyfriend first heard about Lady Gregory's and told me we had to check it out, our waitress was very well informed on gluten free foods and food prep, it was very comfortable. My main problem was choosing what I wanted to eat. It's a great problem to have, when dining out, since it doesn't happen often! Her and I chatted for a good 10 minutes on how the kitchen staff is well trained in allergies, and that they work hard to keep each meal safe. She assured me that ordering off the gluten free menu I'd be taken care of. I'll be honest, I saw the flag on the menu, but it wasn't until my dish arrived, that I understood. Each Gluten free item was marked!

My first selling meal was lobster mac and cheese, followed by the flat breads, portobello mushroom sandwich, chicken sandwiches, and this time I tried their Parmesan crusted grilled cheese sandwich, and sweet potato fries. Honestly if we lived closer, or parking was a bit easier, I think I'd probably eat here weekly. They have a variety of beers, wines and ciders for everyone. They have about 5 GF beers on the menu, which again was a nice selection, and not the norm.

Yes those are gluten free appetizers!
Over all they get four dragonflies, I'd like to give them 5, but they aren't a dedicated facility. They do a great job of keeping things separate, but like any place that makes both regular and gluten free, mistakes can happen, luckily I haven't experienced that.

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