Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I've driven past Panchero's a few dozen times. Each time I think, hmmm I wonder if it's any good. Upon a high recommendation from a friend I ended up there for dinner the other night. People need to stop using references such as "It's like Chipotle, but better." I don't think they realize Chipotle for someone with a gluten intolerance is kind of like heaven, and some of us almost live there when eating on the go! It was good, but no where as good as Chipotle.

I emailed them to confirm the safety of their products, they wrote back saying Everything, except for their homemade flour tortilla's were gluten free. Staring at the meat, I opted for a chicken rice bowl. If you told me 4 years ago I'd be picky and particular on the taste and texture of my rice, I'd have told you, you were crazy. I was eating this going, "I don't care for their rice"! It was too big and fluffy, and just didn't go with the meal. 

I did like the option to add queso to my rice bowl, it added a good flavor and texture, though it could have been a bit creamier, and not so thick, it was good. The meat was good, the extras were nice. I mentioned to the person who took my order that I had a gluten allergy. He reassured me that everything but the taco shells were safe, and that I would probably like their bowl option, which really is just like a Chipotle Burrito bowl.

They don't have a lot of locations around, and the food was good, but not as good as Chipotle, so they only get 3 dragonflies in my book. If the food had some more zest it would be something I'd look for. But it will be more of a, if it's there, we'll stop but not go out of our ways. 

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