Sunday, July 7, 2013

30's Pizza Factory

30's Pizza Factory in Arlington Heights is a family owned and operated pizza place. The family came over from Italy in 1967 and moved to Rochelle, IL. In Rochelle they opened their first pizza place, since then their family legacy has lived on with 30's Pizza in Arlington Heights, still family owned.

I stumbled upon 30's by recommendation from a friend, who works with my brother the conversation started as "Hey! Tell your sister there is a place on Dundee that has gluten free pizza." That turned into, a conversation with some other friends who said "Hey let's go check out this place!"

For being a small family run operation, 30's serves up a nice gluten free menu. Items on their gluten free menu include, pizza, with many toppings, pasta dishes, salads, and even a couple dessert options.
The pizzas come in two sizes 10 inch and 12 inch. They do note on their gluten free menu this is in a shared kitchen environment, which does have flour present. We've ordered from here many times, and I've never had any issues with their pizza. The pizza comes in it's own box, that looks different than the regular 10 inch pizza, and is marked on the front GF. I have noticed I do get an after taste after I eat their pizza, but the quality of the pizza is good, and the ingredients are flavorful. Plus it does re-heat nicely for a second meal. Next time I plan on ordering their pasta to see how that compares. 

Right on the front window!
If it wasn't for the after taste, I would rank them higher, but this over all gets a 3 Dragonfly rating on my dinning out scale.

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