Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gluten Free Toaster Pastry Face off

Poptarts - Here is the best breakfast of my youth, and adult years. I would get the strangest looks when I would bring toaster pastries for my breakfast at work. I'm not sure why, they are the best breakfast ever!

I have stalked every recipe I can find on how to make these amazing pastries for myself. Every so often I get a craving for something I remember eating in my Pre-Celiac days that I can't shake the craving for it, until I bust out my cookbooks and find a way to make something similar to satisfy my craving. Poptarts are one of them.
I was ecstatic when I heard Glutino's was making gluten free breakfast pastries. I started to stalk my Whole Foods until I was able to find them in the store. The only thing they were missing was the frosting on the top. (I loved the cinnamon frosted ones. I could eat those all day long.)  

While up in Milwaukee my brother stumbled across a gluten free store, and one of the things he brought back for me were Eco-Planet toaster pastries, cinnamon flavored, and frosted!

So I decided to have a toaster pastry face-off!

Glutino's on the left, EcoPlanet on the right

Glutino's -
Pro's - Each one is wrapped individually, there is a lot of filling inside, they toast quickly on the middle level, and the crust doesn't have a grainy after taste.
Con's - They aren't frosted.
Over all the Glutino's won my heart the first time I tried them, and they are worth driving out to Whole Foods to pick up
Eco-Planet -
Pro's - Frosted! Brown Sugar and Cinnamon flavor available.
Con's - They had a funny taste to them, that was making them hard to eat. Also half my pastry was empty, no filling in most of it., making it harder to eat. They are packaged 2 per wrapper.

The Eco-Planet ones were a huge let down for me. They required a longer time to get toasty and the consistency was not as palatable for me. I ended up throwing out most of it, without the filling in it. I'm hoping not all of them are like this.

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